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Ukrainian Catholic Religious Education Center

Eparchial Faith Formation Program (2 years​)

The Eparchial Faith Formation program is a 2 years program located in Saskatoon at Queen’s House of Retreats.

This Program is run by UCREC. It is an experience in learning the faith in a community setting.

We share the experience with the Dioceses of Saskatoon and Prince Albert and the Archdiocese of Keewatin-LePas. It is a three stream program – Eparchy, Diocesan and Aboriginal.

This Program is an exciting experience in learning about the Eastern Church and the Universal Church.

Eparchial Faith Formation Program (1 year)​

The Eparchial Faith Formation Program runs in Yorkton, Regina and Prince Albert.

The programs were started in response to a need to bring the Eparchial Faith Formation  Program to other areas of the Eparchy.  

It is a one year program that offers a deepening of spiritual growth and knowledge of the Ukrainian Catholic Church.

This program is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about faith, prayer and our Church.

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