Ukrainian Catholic Religious Education Centre

Eparchy of Saskatoon

The Ukrainian Catholic Religious Education Centre was established in 1979 in the home of the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate at 417 Clarence Ave North.  It started as a Correspondence Catechism and resource Centre.  In 1983, rooms were given to the Centre at the Sheptytsky Institute in Saskatoon.  A Lending Library and Resource Centre grew.  Through the years, UCREC was involved with Youth for Christ, Windows to the East, Study Days, Eparchial Needs Assessment, and Eparchial Synods.

Through the years the Centre has been active providing many services to the Eparchy including Correspondence Catechism, Catechism Resources, Resource and Lending Library, Catechist Retreats and now, Eparchial Lay Formation, Eparchial Lay Formation Alumni, and Adult Faith Formation.

In 1996, the Eparchy of Saskatoon had a Needs Assessment Survey.  From that Survey, the biggest need from the Assessment was Adult Education.  Sr. Patricia Lacey, ssmi and Sr. Gloria Mokry, ssmi from the Ukrainian Catholic Religious Education Centre met with Saskatoon Diocesan Lay Formation Program Directors. After a great deal of discussion it was agreed that some classes, like Scripture, would be shared with both East and West, but other classes like, Christology would be separate.   Fr. Erik Reichers, sac, Fr. Myroslaw Tataryn and Sr. Patricia developed the Theological component of the Eastern Program.

The first Eparchial Stream of the Shared Lay Formation Program began in September, 1999.   It was once a month for 10 months for two years.  It began on Friday night and ended on Sunday afternoon around 4 p.m.  The weekends were full with 15 hours of teaching.  Our first group consisted of 12 participants from around the Eparchy.  There was a great deal of enthusiasm in the group to be part of the first Eparchial Lay Formation Program.  From the beginning, we prayed Matins and Compline as an Eparchial Group.  It was a struggle but it was worth it in the end.  Some people still pray Matins or Compline even after Lay Formation is over.

Most recently, we’ve moved to the Chancery Office at 214 Avenue M South.  We house an Office, a Lending Library and a Bookstore.  Come and visit us.  You’d be surprised what gems we have.