Catechist Sunday

Christ the teacherDear Pastors and Catechists:

This Sunday is Catechist Sunday.   It is time to celebrate the vocation of being a Catechist.  Pope Francis commented on the role of Catechists saying:
           “Be careful. I have not said to do the work of a catechist, but rather to be one, because it involves all your life. It means guiding towards the encounter with Jesus with words and with life, with your witness,”
“I like to recall the words of St. Francis of Assisi to his friars,’Always preach the Gospel, and if necessary, use words, so that people may see the Gospel in your lives…we must begin with Christ and this love He gives us.”


Be a Catechist!  By your actions, by your life, by your words guide people to an encounter with Jesus.  The goal of catechesis is to “introduce one into intimate communion with Jesus Christ” (Catechetical Directory of the Ukrainian Catholic Church, #22).  You are doing more than just filling in an hour with the kids, you are passing on the faith.  You are teaching them about the real Presence of Jesus by teaching them to be present to God.  It is an invaluable gift.

To help you with this incredible task of sharing the faith, we have learned that the new Catechism of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, Christ Our Pascha, will soon go to print in English.  This Catechism is a journey of Faith through the Liturgy, Mysteries, Prayers, Liturgical Life and Moral Theology of the Ukrainian Catholic Church.  It is an exciting resource to have and our office is committed to continuing having in-services on the Catechism as it is made available. For more information check out   which is a great website for information and liturgical resources for the Ukrainian Catholic Church.

What can you do for Catechist Sunday?

Pastors, bless your Catechists and pray for them.  Add an intention for your Catechists in the Divine Liturgy.   Such as:
“We also pray for all of our catechists, that the Lord our God would send His all-Holy Spirit to guide and strengthen them as they instruct our students, Lord, hear us and have mercy.” 

                                                The Divine Anthology of Worship, p.1130

Pray for Catechists (End of Liturgy)

Priest: Let us pray to the Lord.
All: Lord have mercy.
Priest:  O Lord, Jesus Christ, our God: You revealed fishermen as wise teachers and commanded them to make disciples of all nations.  Look upon these catechists, who offer themselves in service to You and Your holy Church.  Bless them, enlighten their daily lives.  Let their faith and love radiate throughout our community, so that all who know them might desire to glorify our Father in heaven.   Help them vanquish all fear.  Empower them to overcome all fatigue.  Fill them with love for their students and drive from their classrooms every wile of the devil.  May their lessons be filled with your wisdom, so that all who hear them might be saved and come to the knowledge of truth.  For You are the Wisdom of God, O Christ our Lord, and we render glory to You, together with Your Father and Your enlightening Spirit, now and always, and forever and ever.All: Amen.

                                                The Divine Anthology of Worship, p. 1130

Catechists, thank God for the vocation you have been called to as a Catechist.  Take time to prepare your lessons, know that what you do is laying the groundwork for a lifetime of faith.  Try to get together with other Catechists in your parish, your area, your deanery to share creative ideas on how to teach or just to have coffee.

Parents, you are the first Catechists, your children watch what you do, be faithful and pray in the Domestic Church as well as the larger Church Community.


Pray for each other and the children who are being catechized. 


Blessings on this wonderful day!
Sr. Bonnie and Sr. Marijka