Eastern Christian Theological Resources in Action Environmental Ethics

Eastern Christian Theological Resources in Action Environmental Ethics

Dr. Lesya sabada at Lay Formation Program in Yorkton

"How Can My Faith Respond to Ecological Crisis"

Listening to her presentation makes me dig more deeply into my mind and spirit… I am concerned about the way our world is being destroyed so rapidly, a world given to us by God, to live, enjoy and take care of. With her presentation, it makes me realize that this didn’t start “yesterday” but maybe around  250 years ago. 

As she explained: Life used to be much simpler in the olden times “and people felt closer to God”. However, with all the advances in general and all human being are trying to keep up with it; we are failing to protect our suffering world.

I’ve been trying to practice my 3 R’s: reuse,  reduce and recycle, also composting, as she explained, I realize it’s not enough!  The anthropocene is controlling our lives and minds but we can refuse many things. We have to practice “The 10 Ways To Live More Simply” taken from the second part of the Laudato Si’, where Pope Francis invites us to practice this.

 “…return to that simplicity which allows us to stop and appreciate the small things, to be grateful for the opportunities which life affords us, to be spiritually detached from what we possess, and not to succumb to sadness for what we lack” (222). As a way to live Laudato Si’ we are invited to look for ways to use less, to share more and to focus on relationships instead of things.        

Such as to buy less stuff, buy more consciously, eat more intentionally, waste less, share more, drive less, nurture relationships, take quality time for ourselves, examine our lifestyles for waste, and to take time to pray and give thanks!  

All of this is to be practiced in our homes, parishes, schools, at work, provincially, nationally, internationally, “Throughout the world”! In other words, practicing our religion regardless of their creed; we all must come together and hopefully together, and we can heal our suffering world!

If we all could take the  St. Francis Pledge, I feel that there would be a future for our ailing world!!!

Norma M.Appel, Preeceville